Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Justice and Human Rights

Justice and Human Rights

The Justice and Human Rights Department’s vision of rule of law is built on the solid grounds of a fair, accessible and predictable justice delivery system, which effectively safeguards fundamental human rights.

The Department develops and implements activities in several areas, crucial for the fulfilment of its vision, including Human Rights, Judiciary, Access to Justice, and Criminal Justice.



Advancing Human Rights-based Policing in Moldova
Monitoring police detention facilities
Respond to Arbitrary Human Rights Limitations
Scale-up Access to Justice for underserved groups
Promote Judicial Independence and Accountability


The Department works with a vast array of national institutions, most notably the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the General Police Inspectorate, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the National Legal Aid Council and Ombudsman’s Office. Concurrently, we cooperate with a series of justice and human rights advocacy NGOs, such as the National Paralegal Association of Moldova, the Union for HIV Prevention and Harm Reduction, Promo LEX, Institute for European Policies and Reforms, Institute for Penal Reform.


Contact person: Victor Munteanu, Head of the Department –