Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Good Governance

Promoting Integrity in the Public Function through Increased Civic Control

Instead of a general approach towards integrity and anti-corruption, we aim at specific interventions which would lead to combating impunity through advocacy, advice to National Commission for Integrity (NCI), and National Anti-corruption Center (NAC), grants for monitoring and investigations, and for professional development of journalists active in this field. The overall objective of this priority is to dispel the perception that high level officials and magistrates are untouchable and can never be sanctioned or removed for corruption related offences.

The Program will support activities developed within the Initiative for Integrity in the civil service launched in June 2014, in partnership with two think tanks: ADEPT and the Centre for the Analysis and Prevention of Corruption, and two media organizations: the Association of Independent Press and the Journalistic Investigation Center. These organizations will facilitate, on the one hand, the monitoring, trainings, analyses and recommendations on various subjects. On the other hand, will provide the necessary advocacy and media support, including by updating two thematic websites and, but also a monitoring application of the profiles of civil servants with high-level positions –