Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Good Governance

Improve good governance through participation in community initiatives

To consolidate the monitoring and advocacy efforts, we will support the development and promotion of recommendations aimed at  improving the efficiency of monitored sectors.
To ensure an environment conducive to the development of a participatory culture and enhance citizens' demand for transparency and accountability from the authorities, the Good Governance Department will support the following initiatives:
  • Promote civic participation in contesting corruption and demanding accountability of public authorities. We will identify and support relevant initiatives at the local level to involve citizens in solving community problems while generating pressure on authorities to improve governance practices and increase transparency towards citizens.
  • The „Policy Fellowship Initiative” Project will be continued in 2019 with a new group of young researchers. The main objectives of the project are to motivate young researchers to engage in the policy-making process, to help them improve their knowledge and practical skills on research development, data collection, and analysis, quantitative and qualitative methods applied in the research process, analysis of statistical data, as well as production of public policy documents, and to encourage researchers to get involved in promoting the policy proposals they have developed through advocacy campaigns.
  • Monitor the implementation of the Association Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union and engage in advocacy activities at the EU level.Local experts will develop reports on the implementation of the Association Agreement and will present their conclusions to the EU officials.