Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Justice and Human Rights

Procedural Guarantees at the Pretrial Stage of the Criminal Process

The Justice and Human Rights Department supports criminal justice and civil society actors in Moldova, to develop and endorse human rights based criminal proceedings and restraint measures. The department advances the insertion of international HR standards and ECHR jurisprudence into the national legislation, which regulates reasoning of pre-trial measures, including deprivation of liberty.

A series of new activities will be implemented in 2018. Most notably, the Department will:

  • Organize regional roundtable discussions to advocate for the endorsement by General Police Inspectorate and the MIA of human rights friendly Standard Operating Procedures on arrest and custody
  • Develop a new training methodology and tool kit for police officers on procedural safeguards during police custody and pretrial arrest and detention
  • Organize in-service trainings for police officers on safeguarding suspects’ rights according to international human rights standards and adjusted internal regulation of General Inspectorate of Police pertaining apprehension and custody rights