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Strengthening Civil Society in Gagauzia ATU

The project aims to empower civil society organizations in ATU Gagauzia in order to enable them to monitor and influence development priorities on local and national level and to build bridges between civil society organizations and local authorities from ATU Gagauzia and other regions of Moldova.

Implementation period: January 2017 – April 2019

Most of the public associations registered in ATU Gagauzia are not active and exist only on paper, and usually are not focused on advocacy, policy tracking or any other watchdog activities. Also, there is the problem regarding the lack of methodology and qualified human resources to play a watchdog role. There is a need of regional NGOs united structures where organizations would be able to discuss current affairs and problems they are facing, to develop common strategies and undertake common actions to influence the situation. The planned activities will help strengthen Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Gagauzia allowing them build sustainable partnerships with their counterparts from other regions of Moldova. Furthermore, the project will contribute to a more efficient dialog and partnership between CSOs and Public Authorities in Gagauzia as well as improved capacities of Gagauz CSOs to conduct monitoring of public authorities' activities, and advocacy of public policies.

The „Strengthening Civil Society in Gagauzia ATU” project, financially supported by the European Union, represents a joint effort between the Soros Foundation-Moldova, National Assistance and Information Centre for NGOs in Moldova CONTACT and Piligrim-Demo organization from Comrat.

The project's activities will involve three target groups, as follows: Gagauz regional and local NGOs, Gagauz public authorities both at the central and local levels of the autonomy, and mass-media institutions from the Gagauz autonomy.

The following activities are planned to be implemented:

  • A survey and baseline study will be conducted to provide basic data for all other activities in the project including the baseline study, which will be focused on analyzing the current status of civil society development in Gagauzia and will provide a set of recommendations for local Civil Society Organizations sector
  • Internships of Gagauzian NGO workers in NGOs from other regions of Moldova aimed to develop a concept of a common project
  • Two National study visits for NGOs will be organized in order to increase the nationwide reach out networking capacities of NGOs from Gagauzia
  • Training of NGOs’ representatives: focused on providing practical knowledge, thus in the process of Learning by doing, strengthening capacities of local CSOs in order to make their work more visible and efficient
  • Small Grants Program to support NGOs and media teams from Gagauzia to monitor the implementation of anti-corruption activity plans developed and adopted by local public authorities
  • Support the thematic working group of Gagauzia experts in order to provide an evidence based framework for the advocacy activities of the parliamentary working group on Gagauzia ATU
  • International Study visit of Gagauzian NGO representatives in South Tyrol, which is an autonomous territory in Italy
  • Two National Conferences on presenting the results of the project implementation

Contact person: Cristina Vîrlan, Project Director -