Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Good Governance

The mission of the department is to enhance transparency, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness of government in accordance with the European agenda.

Justice and Human Rights

The Justice and Human Rights Department’s vision of rule of law is built on the solid grounds of a fair, accessible and predictable justice delivery system, which effectively safeguards fundamental human rights.

The Department develops and implements activities in several areas, crucial for the fulfilment of its vision: Human Rights, Access to Justice, and Criminal Justice.

Public Health

Stigmatized and discriminated people cannot always receive necessary health services or benefit from them in adequate volume. The Public Health Department supports and contributes to the development and promotion of health policies and practices based on evidence, which promotes human rights, social inclusion and justice.

The Department also provides support for promoting good governance in the health system by independent and neutral monitoring / evaluation of public health policy and health services.

Media Program

Media Department's mission: to contribute to the development of an open, participatory, pluralistic and value-based society in Republic of Moldova by organizing, supporting and financing activities aimed at encouraging the development of an independent media sector and improving access to information.

Other initiatives

Initiatives implemented during 2017


  • 19 May 2017
    Expires on 01 January 1970
    În cadrul proiectului „Activităţi de prevenire HIV în populaţiile afectate, îngrijire și suport pentru persoanele cu HIV”, Acord de sub-grant nr. 01/SR-H-NFM/2015 din 15 ianuarie 2015, încheiat între Centrul pentru Politici şi Analize în Sănătate şi Fundaţia Soros-Moldova, şi finanţat din sursele grantului primit din partea Fondului Global de Combatere SIDA, Tuberculozei şi Malariei MDA-H-PAS, în anul 2017 este planificată editarea materialelor informaţionale pentru grupurile ţintă ale proiectului.... More