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Programul promovează reformele juridice bazate pe respectarea drepturilor omului, responsabilitatea juridică, incluziunea socială şi buna guvernare. Programul îşi concentrează atenţia pe trei domenii de intervenţie, esenţiale pentru dezvoltarea statului de drept şi a societăţii deschise:

Egalitate şi Participare Civică

Programul Egalitate şi Participare Civică combină programe de granturi cu proiecte operaţionale (administrate direct de Fundaţie).

Sănătate publică

Misiunea Programului Sănătate Publică este de a avansa sănătatea şi drepturile persoanelor marginalizate prin dezvoltarea competenţelor liderilor societăţii civile şi implicarea activă a ONG-urilor în procesul de dezvoltare a politicilor de sănătate.



Soros Foundation-Moldova is hiring an independent evaluator to conduct the evaluation of the “Empowering Women to Participate in Community Life” project implemented by the Soros Foundation-Moldova with the financial support of the Swedish Government

November 16

The Equality and Civic Engagement Program of the Soros Foundation-Moldova implemented during 2010-2011 the “Empowering Women to Participate in Community Life” project. The project was designed to strengthen good governance at local level by empowering women to participate in the decision-making process and implement community initiatives. The project had two objectives: to build the capacity of nongovernmental organizations to promote the empowerment of women in rural communities and to increase the capacities of women from communities to participate in the decision-making process by building their leadership skills.

To achieve its objectives, the project supported nongovernmental organizations, through capacity building programs and grants, to implement initiatives aiming at empowering women from different villages and towns to take an active role in their communities. In line with these activities, three leadership programs were developed and implemented with the purpose of helping women from rural communities acquire skills of future political and civic leaders and giving them the opportunity to better understand their role in their community and raise their visibility in front of other community members.

Purpose of the evaluation: to assess the implementation of the “Empowering Women to Participate in Community Life Project” by determining the effectiveness, impact, sustainability, relevance and efficiency of the activities carried out.

 Evaluator’s profile: proposals will be submitted by individuals or legal entities fulfilling the following requirements:

  • University degree in social studies
  • Proven experience in evaluating development programs. Previous experience in evaluating gender focused programs will be considered an advantage
  • Knowledge in gender and women’s empowerment in Moldova, as well as in other developing countries
  • Good writing skills
  • Project management expertise
  • Proficiency in English and Romanian. Knowledge or Russian is a significant advantage

The applications will be submitted in English and will consist of:

I. A technical proposal, including the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicant
  • A draft of the proposed methodology and an action plan as described in the terms of reference.
  • Proof of previous evaluation experience
  • A cover letter, including names of two reference persons.

II. A financial proposal. The financial proposal will be submitted in a separate sealed envelope and will include a detailed budget of the expenses in U.S.D., including the net amount/fee for the completed work (VAT excluded).

Legal entities will additionally submit: information about the experience of the organization/company in the area and a copy of their registration certificate.

The evaluation of the applications will be based on the requirements stipulated in the terms of reference under the evaluator’s profile and methodology and will be graded according to a scale of 100 points. The financial proposals will be evaluated separately.

The application package will be submitted no later than November 25th (4 p.m.) at the following address:, Bulgara 32 Str. MD-2011, Soros Foundation-Moldova, Elena Leşan
In both cases, the application will insert the following title: “Equality and Civic Engagement Program: Evaluation Proposal for the “Empowering Women to Participate in Community Life” Project.”

For additional information please see the terms of reference or contact Elena Leşan (, tel: (+373-22) 27-00-31, 270232.
Terms of reference