Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Advancing Human Rights-based Policing in Moldova

 In 2020, the Justice and Human Rights Department will continue to implement the three-year programmed action Advancing Human Rights-based Policing in Moldova, funded by the European Union The objective of the project is to contribute to the development and advancement of human rights-based policing in Moldova. We will continue to assist the Moldovan police to secure human rights standards and practices while safeguarding public order and security. The project’s goal is to insert human rights standards and practices in police daily work. The project will also bridge the police and Moldovan communities by facilitating the initiation of first-ever community-policing initiatives aimed to translate community-policing policies into meaningful and replicable examples nurtured and implemented at the grassroots level.

A series of activities will be implemented in 2020. Most notably, the Department will:
• review the institutional normative framework of the General PoIice Inspectorate regarding apprehension and launch the new developed Standard Operating Procedures on human rights friendly police operations.
• develop training methodology for human rights-based training of Police.
• conduct 5 training sessions for 100 police officers using the newly developed human rights-based methodology
• organize a National Conference in order to present the findings and recommendations of the Needs Assessment on the interaction between criminal investigators and prosecutors and its major impact on human rights during pre-trial stage.
• launch the practice-based handbook for Police, Human rights in a Nutshell
• start the work on Victimization and Public Confidence Survey.