Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Scale-up Access to Justice for underserved groups

 During 2016-2019, Justice and Human Rights Department has been part of Legal Empowerment Network Strategies – a program developed by Open Society Foundations (OSF).

Through this program, OSF aimed at intensifying efforts to institute, promote, and extend primary legal aid services, in order to make them available to underserved groups. The Legal Empowerment Network Strategies was implemented simultaneously in thirteen countries: South Africa, Albania, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, United States of America and Ukraine.

In 2020, Justice and Human Rights Department will continue to support the effort to promote legal empowerment among general population and underserved groups. Thus we will contribute to improving legal framework that regulates paralegals’ work, to develop an online platform for paralegals’ initial training and accreditation, we will contribute to developing institutional capacity of National Paralegal Association of Moldova. At the same time, we’ll continue to support the development and institutionalization of the specialized paralegal network, we’ll promote the integration of specialized paralegal network in the work of community police, we’ll continue to monitor and evaluate the efficiency of this network and we’ll support their efforts to conduct international advocacy to increase human rights observance of underserved groups.

To that end, the Foundation will closely cooperate both with public authorities and nongovernmental organizations.