Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Respond to Arbitrary Human Rights Limitations

Radicalization of public discourse, increased number of hate speech cases, especially during electoral campaigns, represents a new and powerful threat to the open society values. The impunity of incitement to hatred and discrimination, increases intolerance and rejection of all social groups which are perceived as ”different” from the majority.

During 2018-2019, Promo-LEX Association monitored the hate speech in the public space, media and during the election campaigns. According to the authors of the research, the hate speech was mostly used in political and religious context, but also in other social fields, while politicians are the public stakeholders that use and gain most out of this type of speech. If the 2018 report mentioned a statistic of 2 new cases of hate speech per day, and the 1st report of 2019 mentioned 3.5 new cases per day on average, then the 2nd report of 2019 show an increase of the average of new cases to 4.2 per day. The most frequent grounds of discrimination are: sex/gender, political affiliation, disability, ethnic origin and sexual orientation. It became an efficient tool for the manipulation and generation of false problems and threats.

In this context, in the last 4 years, Justice and Human Rights Department of Soros Foundation-Moldova supported civil society’s efforts to research this phenomena, to identify viable solutions to reduce hate speech and promote a clean public discourse.

In 2020, Justice and Human Rights Department will continue its collaboration with non-governmental organizations, which will respond to systemic human rights violations and incitement to hatred through oversight, litigation and advocacy. It will also capacitate a new generation of human rights activists, who will raise awareness about hate speech and incitement to hatred.