Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Supporting alternative journalistic voices

 The goal of this objective is to enhance the quality of journalism and media creator’s ability to develop a well-functioning information culture; support the widest possible dissemination of information from diverse sources.

The SFM aims at enhancing unbiased and competent media coverage on critical domestic problems that will generate a clear depiction of problems, and will increase citizen awareness and social mobilization. Priority will be given to projects embedding various media products that will be integrated across on-line platforms and those generating new opportunities to interact and engage the public, that will be implemented by news organizations and journalists. The main deliverable of our joint efforts would be reliable content delivered to citizens.
We will also support media start-ups seeking to enrich the public debate, including youth media initiative and we do this by combining financial support with training and capacity building. This new SFM initiative – New Media Incubator - is part of the SFM policy for youth. Our ambition is to ensure that youth civic engagement materializes in the various content of vlogs and podcasts that the participants create and circulate online with the civic purpose of addressing social issues.

Activities for 2020:
• An independent expert committee will evaluate web-based media enterprises following several criteria, including independence, open minded leaders who have the courage to influence and enlighten public debates, creative potential etc.; project grants will be awarded to partner media enterprises.
• The opportunity to join the New Media Incubator will be widely advertised and everyone will be encouraged to participate.
• Young media creators will be offered a unique blend of training, mentoring and content creation opportunities, all designed to develop their creative and communication skills.
• The teams established in the frame of the New Media Incubator that will manage to create the best video and audio products will benefit from financial support for the development of their projects.