Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Support investigative journalism

 Investigative journalism will continue to be an important tool in addressing high-level corruption and revealing wrongdoings by politicians and public servants. The foundation will support investigative journalism with an emphasis on emerging technologies, strategic social media, specific skills. The focus shall be put on exploring and promoting the adequate understanding of the costs of corruption in the captured state, bringing this information closer to the wider public in an accessible user-friendly format.

Financial support will be provided to IJ organizations in order to enable journalists:

● to explore effective ways to report on difficult issues and facts,
● to offer a more accessible path for audiences to understand new information, especially when it involves civic affairs and public debate (what’s known as “explainer journalism” or “alternative story forms”), emphasize the non-narrative data or visual elements,
● to create news apps and interactive features that will help audience understand data and explore it,
● to ensure that the investigation stories work properly on social media platforms.