Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Public Health

Advancing the Rights of HIV High Risk Groups and Ensuring Greater National Spending on Harm Reduction

People who use drugs, sex workers, LGBT community continue to face discrimination and to have poor access to health services. Soros Foundation-Moldova is advocating for policies and practices that promote the rights of persons from groups at high risk of HIV infection and is contributing to insurance of better access to health services.

During 2017, the Department intends to

  • support civil society advocacy and pressure on government for greater budget allocations and spending on programs for key affected populations;
  • support close monitoring of the fulfillment of government commitments and engagement regarding the implementation of National HIV/AIDS Program;
  • deter police harassment toward people who use drugs and sex workers by police monitoring and adjustment of the legislation related to HIV high risk groups;
  • ensure better access to justice of people who use drugs and sex workers through government funded legal aid schemes, paralegal assistance within capacitated service provider NGOs.

Implementing partners: Moldovan Harm Reduction Union and PromoLex NGO.