Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Buna Guvernare

Misiunea Departamentului este să sporească transparența, responsabilitatea, eficiența autorităților publice.

Justiție și Drepturile Omului


Viziunea departamentului: un sistem de justiție echitabil, accesibil și predictibil, care garantează respectarea și protecția efectivă a drepturilor fundamentale ale omului.


Sănătate publică

Misiunea departamentului este să promoveze buna guvernare în sectorul sănătății, să contribuie la sporirea accesului echitabil al populației la servicii de sănătate șI sociale care răspund nevoilor acestora, și să promoveze acțiuni responsabile pentru protecția mediului.


Misiunea departamentului: consolidarea societății deschise, participatorii și pluraliste, bazată pe valorile democratice, prin implementarea în activitatea instituțiilor mass-media din Republica Moldova a standardelor democratice de libertate și independență editorială, diversitate și pluralism, pentru susținerea democrației și consolidarea vectorului european de dezvoltare.

Alte inițiative

Proiecte implementate pe parcursul anului 2018

Contest on Contributing to Legal Empowerment of the Population through Modern Information Technologies

The Justice program of Soros Foundation-Moldova has launched on open call to support a project which aims at the legal empowerment of the population through modern information technologies. In this sense, we seek to develop a roadmap on the use of IT instruments, aiming at the populations’ legal empowerment and updating the website.

Eligibility Criteria:
Associate Lawyers’ Offices and Non-Governmental Organizations are eligible to participate in this contest. The members of applicant teams should meet the following qualifications:

  • University degree in Law, social sciences or other relevant fields. Post-graduate studies would be considered an asset;
  • Relevant individual work experience (minimum 5 years) in access to justice and state guaranteed legal aid (members proposed for participation in the project should have a proven work experience of minimum 5 years). Knowledge on functioning models of using community-based resources in providing primary legal aid, education and information to vulnerable social groups;
  • Experience in collaborating with the paralegal network and/or with the National Legal Aid Council will be considered an asset;
  • Thorough knowledge of United Nations, European Union, European Council norms and standards, as well as other international standards in vulnerable groups access to justice;
  • Relevant technical writing skills, i.e. ability to write in a coherent, structured and accessible manner, including the use of terminology pertaining to the state guaranteed legal aid system;
  • Experience in grant project management;
  • Excellent analytic and communication skills;
  • Be responsible, creative, and flexible;
  • Relevant experience in developing similar web platform concepts, aimed at improving population’s legal awareness.

Participants may submit only one project proposal per Office/Organization.

Project Duration: will not exceed 6 months. Activities will be planned starting December 2016.

Budget: the maximum requested amount will not exceed $23,000.00.

APPLICATION should include the following documents:

  • Completed financial proposal form
  • Project budget
  • Grant administration capacity questionnaire
  • The Curricula Vitae of applicant Office’s director, project director, accountant, project implementation team, the Curricula Vitae of the lawyers/jurists, indicating relevant experience. (Please make sure that the CVs include the following details: previous employers, periods of employment, positions held, obligations/responsibilities, grant management experience, experience relevant to this project).
  • Other relevant materials.

Complete applications, written in Romanian, should be submitted to the Soros Foundation-Moldova headquarters: 32 Bulgara str., Chisinau, MD-2001, or by email to

The deadline for submitting applications is 14 November 2016, 16:00.

Application files should be addressed to the attention of the Justice Program. Grant contest on Legal Empowerment through IT. Please make sure to receive a successful submission confirmation. In lack thereof, the Foundation does not bear any responsibility for applications that were submitted, but have not been received.
Applications that are incomplete, or have been submitted past the deadline, will not be considered. Submitted applications will not be returned to applicants, with exception of photos and copies of artistic works, as well as video and audio materials.

Additional details can be inquired with the Program Coordinator, Natalia Camburian, by email at, or by phone at 022-270031, 022-274480. 


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