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Public Health 2019


People who use drugs, sex workers, and the LGBT community continue to face discrimination and to have poor access to health services. The Public Health Department of the Soros Foundation-Moldova advocates for policies and practices that promote the rights of persons from groups at high risk of HIV infection and contributes to insuring a better access to health services.

Thus, in 2020 the Department intends
1. to support efforts that contribute to the respect of the rights of HIV key affected populations through activities that support the alternatives to incarceration for people who use drugs, without intend to sell;
2. to provide support for initiatives focused on HIV services sustainability, and initiatives that contribute to an increased accountability in the health sector Implementing partners: Moldovan Harm Reduction Union and PromoLex.

Contact persons:
Liliana Gherman, Director, Public Health Department,
Vitalie Slobozian, Program Coordinator, Public Health Department,