Soros Foundation Moldova advocates for a more transparent and accountable criminal justice system 

Data publicării
luni, 6 februarie 2023, ora 17.20

Soros Foundation Moldova supports the efforts to modernize the legislation for the protection of human rights in the context of the European integration of the Republic of Moldova. 

Legal Resources Centre, a long-term partner of the Soros Foundation Moldova, presented a set of legislative amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code (CPP) for expert discussion and analysis. The debate began on February 3, 2023, during a round table attended by independent experts in the field of justice, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and representatives of the Ministry of Justice. 

The experts, supported by the Foundation, propose the introduction of the rule ensuring the defense’s access to the criminal investigation materials and measures, the submission of the file for examination in court with only admissible evidence, the digitization of some criminal investigation processes, and the hearing of witnesses by teleconference. These measures will prevent human rights violations and provide more possibilities for the defense to exercise control at the stage of the criminal prosecution process.  

„The Ministry of Justice gathered many proposals to amend the CPP from civil society. As a result, two working platforms were formed to create a common legislative product, which includes all the practical proposals to modernize the criminal process in the Republic of Moldova”, said Veronica Mihailov-Moraru, State Secretary at the Ministry of Justice. 

The Foundation’s executive director, Petru Culeac, emphasized the importance of changes in the legislation, which would ensure better protection of human rights, especially in the context of the commitments assumed by the authorities after granting our country the status of a candidate country for joining the European Union. „Soros Foundation Moldova reconfirms its support for the promotion of human rights, especially in the context of the commitment of the Republic of Moldova to bring the national legal framework closer to European standards after we also received the status of a candidate country. I thank the expert groups for their dedication in drafting proposals to amend the Criminal Procedure Code”, said Petru Culeac, executive director of the Soros Foundation Moldova. 

Following the joint work of the experts supported by the Soros Moldova Foundation and the representatives of the Ministry of Justice, a draft law will be developed to be publicly consulted and submitted to the Parliament.